Local Resource Map

KDHE has provided location specific private water well resources into two interactive maps. This page contains the resource maps for private water well owners and users on two tabs. The local resource information can be accessed by hovering over an area or by clicking on a dot, depending on the map displayed.

The first tab displays a map that individuals can use to find contact information for their county sanitarian. Hovering over the county of interest will display the contact name, phone number, and email. Information will also be shown as to whether the county offers water sampling test kits and/or sampling services with either a yes or no. If a county has provided additional information about private water well sampling on their website, a link can be clicked on called ‘More Information’, which is directly linked to that resource page. Not all counties will have a link or additional resources available.

The first tab contains a map with yellow dots that represent the location of certified laboratories that can conduct private water well testing. Individuals can use these laboratories if testing and/or screening services are not provided by their county or if they would prefer using a certified laboratory. Hovering over the yellow dots will display the laboratory name and phone number, as well as information on what the laboratory is certified to test for and/or screen for.  Laboratories were selected for this display based on the main analytes, coliform bacteria and nitrate, that KDHE is recommending that private water well users test for first.  This does not mean that the laboratories are unable to test for other analytes. Please contact the laboratory directly for sampling instructions and information on other types of testing that can be performed. Clicking on the ‘More Information’ link will take you to the laboratories water testing information page on their website.

The second tab contains a map with yellow dots that show the location of all private water well contractors that are certified to practice in Kansas. Out-of-state contractors were only included if they were within 100 miles of the Kansas border. Hovering over a dot will display the well contractor’s contact information that includes their name, phone number, email, and the name of the business that they are associated with.