Hazardous Waste Fees

Maura O'Halloran, PG, Environmental Program Supervisor,

Section Chief

Hazardous Waste & Corrective Action


Regulations and Data Unit

Hazardous waste monitoring fees

These fees are specified in KAR 28-31-10.

Hazardous waste treatment, storage, or disposal fees

Due before January 1

On-site storage facility - $10,000
Off-site storage facility - $10,000

On-site nonthermal treatment facility - $10,000
Off-site nonthermal treatment facility - $12,000

On-site thermal treatment facility - $12,000
Off-site thermal treatment facility - $18,000

On-site landfill or underground injection well - $14,000
Off-site landfill or underground injection well - $18,000

Post-closure care facilities - $14,000

Hazardous waste transporters

This fee is $200.
Due before January 1.

Large quantity generators

Due before March 1.

The fee is based on all hazardous waste generated during the previous calendar year.

Total Yearly Quantity Generated Monitoring Fee
Less than or equal to 5 tons $300
Greater than 5 tons but less than or equal to 50 tons $900
Greater than 50 tons but less than or equal to 500 tons      $2,800
Greater than 500 tons $8,000

Small quantity generators and Kansas small quantity generators

This fee is $150.
Due before April 1.

Make checks and money orders payable to:

Hazardous Waste Management Fund - Kansas Department of Health and Environment

If you have questions about these fees, please contact Stacey Smith at 785-296-0005 or by e-mail at kdhe.notifications@ks.gov.