Solid Waste Permits Section

Mindy Bowman, Section Chief

Solid Waste Landfills Unit - Michael Selm, P.E., P.G., P.L.S, Unit Chief
Solid Waste Processing Unit - Joel Billinger, Unit Chief
Solid Waste Hydrogeologic Unit - Walter Mack, Unit Chief

The Solid Waste Section of the Bureau of Waste Management administers permits to ensure all solid waste facilities are operated in a manner that protects human health and the environment. Permitted facility types include composting, construction/demolition, household hazardous waste, incinerator, industrial, landfarm, medical waste, mobile tire processor, msw-exempt, msw-subtitle D, solid waste processor, tire collection center, tire monofill, tire processing facility, tire transporter, and transfer station.

The Solid Waste Permits Section is comprised of three units - Solid Waste Landfills Unit, Solid Waste Processing & Planning Unit, and the Solid Waste Hydrogeologic Unit.