Ordering Divorce Certificates

Divorce certificates began being filed with the Office July 1, 1951.

Divorce information is open to the public at the county district court level. Click here to access a listing of all Kansas county district courts.

The divorce decree is not filed with this office. The decree is the court document detailing the settlement of the divorce. The divorce certificate is completed by the plaintiff's attorney and contains only basic information – names of both parties, date of marriage, date of divorce, etc. Certified copies of divorce decrees are obtained from the Clerk of the District Court in the county where the divorce was filed. Use the web site access listed above for a listing of all Kansas county district courts. Certified copies of divorce certificates are obtained from this office.

The Vital Statistics Office remains closed to walk-in customers. For ordering options, please see below.

Beginning June 15, the Vital Statistics Office lobby will open for pick-up for Will Call Orders only. Will Call applicants will be notified via email when they can pick up the certificate(s) and are encouraged to wear masks. Upon arrival, Will Call applicants should check in with Security.

ATTENTION: Due to COVID 19, the delivery times of regular mail has increased. In order to maintain prompt delivery of your certificate it is recommend that you use one of our priority services or use expedited mail, especially if you have a deadline that requires a certificate. If you are ordering by regular mail, it is suggested that you provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with your order to help avoid any mailing delays.

For additional instructions, click on an Ordering Method.






Access www.vitalchek.com any time. Payment made by credit card.

$15 for each certified copy PLUS $13.95 expedited service fee.

Within 3 to 5 business days after receipt in our office


Call 1-877-305-8315 available 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Payment made by credit card. Spanish interpreters available.

$15 for each certified copy PLUS $13.95 expedited service fee.

Within 3 to 5 business days after receipt in our office


Download the App through your device app store. Search for "IKAN" (select IKan – State of Kansas). Payment made by credit card or ACH.

1 certified copy per order. $15 for the certified copy PLUS $5.00 processing fee

Dependent on delivery method selected:

Will Call - will receive message usually same day or next business day for pick up

Regular mail - 7 to 10 business days.


Access the VitalChek website at this address: https://www.vitalchek.com/Campaign?site=2&clickid=1017250999624990722
Download the App through your device app store. Search for "IKAN" (select IKan – State of Kansas). 

Only the applicant can pick up the certificate and will need a current, government issued photo ID. Office hours are 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Customers are encouraged to wear a mask when entering Vital Statistics

$15 for each certified copy PLUS $5.00 processing fee.

An E-mail will be sent when certificate is ready for pick up. Usually ready the following business day. Do not come to the office until E-mail is received stating certificate is ready to pick up, otherwise you will not be able to enter our office.


Send request by regular mail or priority mail service. Payment made by check or money order.

$15 for each certified copy.

Dependent upon current request volume - 7 to 10 business days



To amend/correct certificate of divorce.

$15 for amendment or correction of vital record.


State law also specifies that the initial $15.00 fee for a certified divorce certificate copy is a five-year record search fee – one certified copy is issued if the record is found and if not found, the fee is retained. You will receive either the certified copy or a letter explaining the search conducted and that no record was located.