How to Amend Death Certificates

“Personal” data may be amended if the request is made within the first year after the filing of the original certificate. Requests to amend “personal” data may be made only by the funeral director or person acting as such who submitted the original certificate. After one year, “personal” data may only be amended by court order.

LilyAn amendment to the medical certification may be made at any time. Requests to amend the medical certification data may be made only by the attending physician who signed the medical certification on the original certificate or by the coroner in whose jurisdiction the death occurred.

If you are a family member needing to make a correction on a death certificate, please contact the funeral home which filed the death certificate to request the amendment. After the amendment is completed, you or the funeral home would need to place a new order through our office.

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If you have any questions, please contact the Amendment Unit at (785) 296-1434.

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