Watershed Planning, Monitoring, and

Assessment Section

Bureau of Water
Watershed Planning, Monitoring, and Assessment Section

1000 SW Jackson St., Suite 420
Topeka, KS 66612-1367
FAX: (785) 559-4258


The purpose of the Watershed Planning, Monitoring, and Assessment Section is as follows:

  • Implements sections 303(c), 303(d), 303(e), 305(b), and 604(b) of the Clean Water Act.
  • Identifies and prioritizes impaired streams, lakes, and wetlands and develops Total Maximum Daily Loads for high priority waterbodies.
  • Develops statewide surface water quality standards.
  • Provides information on the chemical, physical, and biological characteristics of streams, publicly owned lakes and wetlands in Kansas.
  • Tracks environmental contaminant levels in fish and other aquatic life and issues fish consumption advisories.
  • Monitors water quality conditions in streams and publicly owned lakes and wetlands throughout Kansas and performs special water pollution investigations in cooperation with KDHE district offices and other governmental agencies.
  • Performs compliance monitoring at NPDES permitted facilities to determine the status of compliance with discharge permit requirements.
  • Maintains and updates the Kansas Surface Water register identifying classified streams and lakes along with designated use status and use attainability analysis status.
  • Develops the biennial Kansas Integrated Water Quality Assessment Report (305(b) and 303(d)).
  • Administers the Harmful Algal Bloom response program and issues public health advisories.

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Watershed Planning, Monitoring, and Assessment Section



(785) 296-8791

Section Chief

Planning and Standards Unit 

Michelle Probasco

(785) 296-8229

Unit Chief

Chelsea Paxson

(785) 296-5520

TMDL & 303(d) Impaired Waters List


(785) 296-0491

TMDL & 303(d) Impaired Waters List

Dane Boring

(785) 296-5508

Water Quality Standards

Karle Woodward

(785) 296-1209

NPDES Certifications

Assessment and Information Unit

Elizabeth Smith

(785) 296-4332

Unit Chief

Shawn Weber

(785) 296-6352

Compliance Monitoring & Use Attainability Assessment

Patricia Haines-Lieber

(785) 291-3267

Fishkill Response Program, District Liaison, & Safety


(785) 296-5580

HAB Response Program & Geospatial/Data Support


(785) 296-0079

HAB Response & Fishkill Response

Patrick Olson

(785) 296-1981

Probabilistic Monitoring

Adam Blackwood

(785) 296-6220

Probabilistic Monitoring


(785) 296-8522

Field Support

Monitoring and Analysis Unit

Tony Stahl

(785) 296-5578

Unit Chief

Brian Madeira

(785) 296-8522

Stream Chemistry Monitoring

Clint Goodrich

(785) 291-3676

Stream Biology & Fish Tissue


(785) 296-8601

Stream Biology Monitoring

Layne Knight

(785) 291-3885

Lake and Wetland Monitoring

Britini Jacobs

(785) 296-5576

Lake and Wetland Monitoring