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Comprehensive Risk Counseling Services (CRCS) is primary HIV prevention.  The goal of CRCS is assisting individuals who are HIV seropositive adopt and maintain HIV risk-reduction behaviors. 

CRCS Definition

CRCS is a time-limited and client centered HIV prevention activity addressing the relationship between HIV risk and other issues such as substance abuse, STI treatment, mental health, and social/cultural factors.

Principles of CRCS

  • Incorporating harm reduction strategies
  • Looking at motivation (self or other)
  • Recognition of responsibility to not transmit HIV
  • Reducing the internalized stigma associated with HIV

Core Beliefs

  • Individuals have the capacity to learn, grow, and change
  • Focus is on individual strengths rather than pathology
  • Client is seen as the director of the helping relationship
  • The relationship is primary and essential
  • Engaging with the client where they are

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