Environmental Spill or Release Reporting


The numbers listed below are also listed on a separate page for easy printing and inserting into contingency plan.

Spill or Incident Type Number Agency
All spills that impact soil and surface and groundwater 785-291-3333
Follow Prompts
Reportable Quantities of Listed EPCRA and CERCLA chemicals released into the air or atmosphere 785-291-3333
Follow Prompts
Radiation and radioactive materials and transportation incidents involving those materials 785-296-1560 (day number)

785-291-3333, Follow Prompts (after hours)

Natural or manmade hazards (like tornado strikes, floods and acts of terrorism) 785-291-3333
Follow Prompts
Food products and beverages damaged in transit or damaged in fire or other disaster at warehouse or retail locations 785-564-6767 (day number)
800-915-6163 press"1" on night & weekends
Kansas Department of Agriculture
Biohazards, bioterrorism or disease issues
Kansas Epidemiologist Hotline
877-427-7317 KDHE
Fish Kills in streams, rivers and public lakes 785-296-1679 KDHE
Municipal sewage releases & public water supply problems 785-296-1679 KDHE
Animal waste releases and spills 785-296-1679 KDHE
Meth lab issues 800-572-7463 KBI

A listing of Local Emergency Planning Committee addresses and phone numbers is maintained by the Kansas Division of Emergency Management.