Farmers & Growers

Are you a Kansas farmer? Do you sell fresh and unprocessed fruits, vegetables, herbs, or honey at a farmers market, roadside stand or farm store? If so, you have an opportunity to be authorized to accept checks from participants in the Kansas Senior Farmers Market Program (KSFMNP).

We are no longer taking applications for 2021. Please check back early next year to apply for 2022.


To be authorized for the KSFMNP, you must:

  • Annually complete a training and submit an Authorized Farmers Agreement.
  • Grow eligible foods in Kansas or a county adjacent to the Kansas border in a neighboring state.
  • Sell at a farmers market, roadside stand, or farm store.


New Farmer Vendor – this means you have never before participated as a farmer vendor in the KSFMNP. You must complete the online training. To register for an online training, click “Register” next to the date and time of your choosing in the table.

Returning Farmer Vendor – this means you have participated as a KSFMNP farmer vendor in a previous year. You can either review the 2021 farmer training slides independently or take part in an online training by clicking “Register” next to the date and time of your choosing in the table.

If you are a new farmer vendor and you cannot participate in a virtual online training, please call (785) 291-3742. and mention you would like an alternative method to receive authorized farmer vendor training for the KSFMNP.

Authorized Farmers Agreement

Please print, complete, and sign a 2021 Authorized Farmer Agreement in your preferred language and then mail your completed paper form, or email a scanned digital copy, to:

Note: Information from your agreement about selling locations is used in promotional materials for program participants. To be included in these materials you must submit your agreement before May 1.

ATTN: Sarah Sumner
Authorized Farmer Agreement
Kansas Department of Health and Environment
1000 SW Jackson, Suite 230
Topeka, KS 66612


If you have completed the steps above, you will be assigned a four-digit authorized farmer vendor ID number. This ID number will be printed on the sign below and sent to you in the mail. Your sign must be hung at all markets/stands/farm stores while you are participating.

Check Accepted