Consumer Notification Violations

The Lead and Copper Rule 2007 Short-Term Revisions require all Public Water Supply Systems provide consumers with results of their most recent lead monitoring within 30 days of the time the system is notified of said results. 141.85(d)(3) states: "an explanation of the health effects of lead, steps consumers can take to reduce exposure to lead in drinking water, contact information for the water utility, the MCLG and the action level for lead, and the definitions for these two terms from ยง141.153(c) of the CCR Rule." must be included in the notification to participating members. In addition, 141.90(f)(3) requires certification be sent to their state of the notification within three months following the end of the monitoring period.

The Public Water Supply Systems listed below have incurred a violation for not completing the above requirement.

Albert, City of

Goodland, City of

Park City, City of

Argonia, City of

Hanover, City of

Plainville, City of

Arnold Waterworks Inc

Harper, City of

Portis, City of

Atlanta, City of

Haviland, City of

Potwin, City of

Barton Co RWD 2

Hays Suburban Estates

Pratt Airport

Barton Hills Addition

Haysville, City of

Redbarn Pet Products

Bazine, City of

Hillcrest Courts

Rooks Co RWD 2

Belle Plaine, City of

Inman, City of

Rush Co RWD 1

Bentley, City of

Jefferson Co RWD 1

Russell Co RWD 2

Benton, City of

Jefferson Co RWD 15

Salina, City of

Bluff City, City of

Jefferson Co RWD 2

Scranton, City of

Bogue, City of

Jewell Co RWD 1

Sedan, City of

Brownell, City of

KDWP Operations Maintenance Sect

Sedgwick Co RWD 2

Bunker Hill, City of

Kechi, City of

Sedgwick Co RWD 3

Butler Co RWD 2

Kensington, City of

Shawnee Co RWD 2C

Caldwell, City of

KSU Agricultural Research Center

Skyline School

Cambridge, City of

Labette Co RWD 1C

Solomon, City of

Canton, City of

Leavenworth Co RWD 6

South Hutchinson, City of

Cedar Point, City of

Lebanon, City of

Spring Hill, City of

Chautauqua Co RWD 4

Linn, City of

Spring Lake Resort

Collyer, City of

Luray, City of

St. Francis, City of

Conway Springs, City of

M and M Mobile Home Court 2

Sterling, City of

Cowley Co RWD 3

Maple Hill, City of

Sumner Co RWD 3

Damar, City of

Marion Co RWD 4

Sumner Co RWD 7

Doniphan Co RWD 6

Mayfield, City of

Sundowner West Mobile Home Park

Downs, City of

Metro Topeka Airport Authority

Susank, City of

Ellis Co RWD 1C

Miller Mobile Home Park

Sylvia, City of

Ellis Co RWD 6

Montgomery Co RWD 2C B

Tonganoxie, City of

Elmdale, City of

Mount Hope, City of

Towanda, City of

Elyria Christian School

Mulvane, City of

Trego Co RWD 2

Esbon, City of

National Beef Packing Company LLC Dodge

Turon, City of

Fairfield High School

Nickerson, City of

Udall, City of

Fontana, City of

Norwich, City of

Wallace, City of

Ford, City of

Osborne Co RWD 1A

Walton, City of

Galesburg, City of

Oswego, City of

Wheatland High School

Garden Plain, City of

Ottawa Co RWD 1

Wilson Co RWD 10

Glen Elder, City of

Ottawa Co RWD 2

Wilson Co RWD 8

Goddard, City of

Paradise, City of

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