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The Kansas Syndromic Surveillance Program is already benefiting the public health of Kansas. Emergency preparedness, community leaders, and healthcare providers have been provided access to real time information on health issues and emerging disasters. More uses for the information are being considered. Successes to date include:

Chemical Spill in Kansas: Importance of Sharing Information across Sites
Data from Kansas and Missouri hospitals following an accidental release of chlorine gas in Northeast Kansas in October of 2016 provided key situational awareness to emergency responders and management.

Environmental Public Health Tracking
Tracking information about Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Asthma, and Blue Green Algae Poisoning plays an important role in the efforts to prevent environmental health impacts in Kansas.

Extreme Weather Shelter Project
Kansas is home to extreme heat and extreme cold weather events. KDHE Syndromic Surveillance enables situational awareness for health and emergency preparedness officials who respond to them. The information supports the Extreme Weather Shelter Project that helps Kansans find a place to get out of excessive heat.

Influenza-Like Illness Surveillance by KSSP
Hospital emergency department visits reported by Syndromic Surveillance during the flu season helps health care providers and public health agencies track disease trends and inform how the public can avoid the flu. Seasonal flu can be tracked in near real-time allowing for more timely and accurate responses by families, policy makers, and health professionals.

Other KDHE Syndromic Surveillance Publications

Alcohol-Related Emergency Department Visits Associated with a Community Event: Kansas Health Statistics Report No. 68 – MAY 2016 |

Extreme Weather Related Injuries Spring 2016: Kansas Health Statistics Report No. 69 – AUG 2016 |

Creation of a Kansas Spring Extreme Weather Syndrome Definition of Unique Records: Kansas Health Statistics Report No. 70 – DEC 2016 |

Kansas Influenza Surveillance Activities and a Recap of the 2015-2016 Season: Kansas Health Statistics Report No. 70 – DEC 2016