Health Statistics 2019

The following summary information is based on 2019 Kansas Residence data.

The tables and charts, found below, represent the "Annual Summary of Vital Statistics", for a given year.

Tables, Charts, and Maps, when available, are indicated by blue text or a PDF / Excel icon to the right of the content title.

Technical Notes and Definitions for the following items are available here.

  • Select a year to view its vital summary of facts. This summary contains data for number of events, every day averages, births, deaths, leading causes of death, population and more.
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  • Annual Summary Report for 2019
  • 2019 Selected Annual Summary Spreadsheets

    Kansas Information for Communities

  • Kansas Information for Communities is a health information portal allowing you to query health summary statistics
    for Kansas counties, and other resources.
  • Kansas Health Matters

  • Kansas Health Matters brings community health-related statistical data, grant opportunities, local resources and a wealth
    of information to one, accessible, user-friendly location, intended to help hospitals, health departments, community members
    and policy makers learn about the health of the community and ways to help improve it.
  • Health Statistics Publications for 2015 or Earlier

  • This is a collection of health statistics Publications for 2015 and previous years.