Workforce Development

Kansas Public Health Workforce Assessment
Partners from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, KUMC—MPH Program, Kansas State University MPH program, and other public health organizations have been preparing for an assessment of the entire public health workforce in Kansas. Developing and delivering targeted education and training requires that the proficiency of the workforce be measured. Assessment results will help supply the information needed to identify, prioritize, and develop training opportunities for the workforce around the state and in specific public health organizations; provide individuals with an opportunity to think about his/her strengths as a public health professional and areas in which he/she might want to seek additional training; and support each organization's efforts toward accreditation. The questions in the assessment are based on the Council on Linkages Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals and are divided into the following key dimensions of public health practice:

  • Communication
  • Cultural Competency
  • Analytical/Assessment
  • Policy Development/Program Planning
  • Community Dimensions of Practice
  • Public Health Sciences
  • Financial Planning and Management
  • Leadership and Systems Thinking

Workgroup members have consulted with other states and county health departments that have conducted assessments in order to gain their insight in order to effectively conduct the Kansas assessment. The assessment will be first administered to over 1,000 employees at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment beginning in August 2014. Local health departments will participate in the assessment process early this fall.

Leadership Training Opportunities
This list of leadership opportunities originated from the Kansas Hospital Association and it has been expanded to include even more. Most are Kansas programs.

Public Health Educational Opportunities at Kansas Universities
This list highlights undergraduate and graduate programs of interest to the Kansas public health workforce.

Quick Start Guide to Public Health
This Quick Start Guide is intended to be a reference for those new to public health and for those just wanting a quick reference guide.

Student Nurse Orientation
Combined with the Quick Start Guide to Public Health, these three KS-TRAIN courses will help you provide an orientation to public health to student nurses during clinical rotations at Kansas local health departments.

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