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Materials to assist with accreditation efforts are posted on the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) website


Community Health Assessment and Improvement |




Core Competencies

The Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals  (Core Competencies) are individual skills desirable for the delivery of Essential Public Health Services. Intended levels of mastery (and therefore learning objectives for workers within each Tier) will differ depending on one's background, job duties, and years of experience.

Tier 1  professionals who carry out day-to-day tasks and aren’t  in management positions 
Tier 2  apply to individuals with program management and/or supervisory responsibilities
Tier 3  apply to individuals at a senior/management level and leaders of public health organizations

    • Core Competencies Tools
      Public health professionals are encouraged to use these tools for performance evaluation, training, and workforce development planning.


Grants and Funding

  • PHP Partners Grants 
    Opportunities for fellowships, grants and other awards, including awards from members of the Partners project.  Resources related to proposal writing.
  • CDC Grants 
    The CDC grants information website provides policy guidelines, references, answers to frequently asked questions, and more.

Healthy Communities

  • KU Community Toolbox   
    The Community Tool Box is a global resource for free information on essential skills for building healthy communities

Preparedness, Public Health

Policies and Forms

  • Local Public Health Sample Policies and Forms
  • Public Health Finance Boot Camp 

    A set of six Public Health Finance Tutorials that cover finance knowledge and skills vital to public health managers. These tutorials are self-contained and can be used either as the basis for professional development programs or to supplement academic healthcare finance courses.

    I    Financing Public Health Services
    II   Estimating Costs and Margins
    III  Financial Planning and Budgeting
    IV  Financial Evaluation of New Program Initiatives
    V   Financial Reporting
    VI  Assessing Financial Performance

Public Health Finance

The Public Health Finance & Management site provides content to advance the application of finance and management concepts to the practice of public health.

Public Health Law

Quality Improvement |

QI Training:

QI Resources:


Ten Essential Services of Public Health

The Ten Essential Services provide a working definition of public health and a guiding framework for the responsibilities of local public health systems.