Kansas Source Water Assessment Program


The 1996 amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act required each state to develop a Source Water Assessment Program (SWAP). Additionally, each state was required to develop a Source Water Assessment (SWA) for each public water supply that treats and distributes raw source water. In Kansas, there are approximately 763 public water supplies that required SWAs. A SWA includes the following: delineation of the source water assessment area; inventory of potential contaminant sources; and susceptibility analysis. The SWA must also be made available to the public. KDHE's Watershed Management Section has implemented the Kansas SWAP plan, and all SWAs are completed.

The Safe Drinking Water Act did not require protection planning to be part of the SWAP process. On a voluntary basis, KDHE encourages public water supplies and their surrounding communities to use the SWAs as the foundation for future protection planning efforts. Source water protection information will be posted on this site as it is compiled.

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