Mental Health Medication Advisory

Committee (MHMAC)

The purpose of the Mental Health Medication Advisory Committee (MHMAC) is to provide recommendations to the Medicaid Drug Utilization Review (DUR) Board for the purpose of developing guidelines.

Senate Sub. for HB 2149

MHMAC Committee membership is as follows:

  • The Secretary or Secretary’s designee, to serve as chairperson;
  • Four persons licensed to practice medicine and surgery with board certification in psychiatry:
    • Two nominated by the Kansas Psychiatric Society, with one specializing in geriatric mental health; and
    • Two nominated by the Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas, with one specializing in pediatric mental health;
  • Two pharmacists nominated by the Kansas Pharmacy Association;
  • One person licensed to practice medicine and surgery nominated by the Kansas Medical Society; and
  • One advanced practice registered nurse engaged in a role of mental health nominated by the Kansas State Nurses Association.

Nominating bodies provide two nominees for each position for which they provide nominations to the Secretary, who selects the appointee from the provided nominees.

The Committee meets upon the request of the Committee chairperson, but at least once each quarter.