KHPA Press Releases for 2008

12-20-2008 = KHPA Denounces Post Audit Suggestions of “Fraud” - Calls on Legislature to Support Ongoing Reform, Efficiency Efforts

11-18-2008 = KHPA Pledges Cooperation in Budget Crisis

10-20-2008 = KHPA Seeks Nominations for Three Advisory Councils

10-20-2008 = KU Hospital Clinics, Physicians, Get Boost in Medicaid Funding

10-15-2008 = KHPA Honored by Institute for Health and Productivity Management

09-26-2008 = CMS Approves Federal Funding for Federally Qualified Health Centers

09-16-2008 = KHPA Board Approves Health Reform Recommendations; Elects New Officers

09-09-2008 = Kansas Health Policy Authority Board to Meet in Topeka

09-02-2008 = Kansas Health Policy Authority Announces Plans for 2008 Community Dialogue Tour

08-25-2008 = Kansas Health Policy Authority Launches Permanent Medical Cards

08-20-2008 = KHPA Board Approves Budget Proposals

08-18-2008 = Kansas Health Policy Authority Board to Meet in Topeka08-18-2008"

07-30-2008 = Health Care Commission Approves KHPA’s Offer of Two Contracts

07-28-2008 = KHPA Awards, Data Consolidation and Analysis Contract

07-22-2008 = KHPA Board Chair Announces Departure

07-17-2008 = Governor's Appointments to E-Health Advisory Council Announced

07-17-2008 = KHPA Appointments to E-Health Advisory Council Announced

07-11-2008 = State Employee Health Care Commission Sends KHPA Back to the Bargaining Table

06-30-2008 = President Bush Signs Moratorium on CMS Medicaid Regulations

05-28-2008 = Court Ruling Sets Stage for Congress to Act on CMS Moratorium

05-16-2008 = CMS Approves Hospital Payment Reforms Proposed By KHPA

05-08-2008 = Health Reform Funding Missing

05-04-2008 = Kansas Health Reform: Hard Work Still Ahead

04-11-2008 = KHPA Chosen to Participate in Health Care Quality Improvement Institute

04-03-2008 = Ruselowski Announced as New General Counsel, Vazquez Appointed as Deputy General Counsel

03-25-2008 = House Approves Health Reform Compromise

03-25-2008 = Smoking Ban

02-22-2008 = Breyne Announced As New Public Information Officer

02-05-2008 = Farmer Announced as New State Employee Health Benefits Plan Director

01-23-2008 = Kansas Health Policy Authority Announces the Program Design for the "Kansas Healthy Choices" Premium Assistance Program

01-15-2008 = Kansas Legislature Kicks Off Health and Wellness Program