Medicaid Cost Drivers Forum

Monday, April 26, 2010

KaMMCO/Kansas Medical Society Office

623 SW 10th Street, Topeka

In order to examine the causes of continued Medicaid growth and to identify options for program administration, KHPA hosted a forum on Medicaid cost drivers beginning Monday, April 26, at the KaMMCO/KS Medical Society Office, 623 SW 10th Avenue, Topeka KS.

KHPA appreciates the support of AcademyHealth which is sponsoring Deborah Bachrach, a nationally-recognized Medicaid expert, to facilitate this discussion.

The first session featured a conversation with providers, representatives of Medicaid-related state agencies, and other stakeholders.  The second session included legislators and other interested policymakers, and addressed the same set of issues.

New Information to Highlight:

Sept. 22, 2010 - KHPA has released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Recovery Audit Contractor. This RFP is pursuant to provisions of the State of Kansas FY 2011 budget that calls on KHPA to launch a Healthcare Cost Containment and Recovery Pilot Project. Please see the RFP documentation for details of the project and the specifications for proposals.

Forum information and materials:

Agenda |
Medicaid Savings Options Report - Revised and Updated April 26, 2010
Deborah Bachrach's Slide Presentation |
Summary and Key Takeaways from the Forum


Morning Session - Part 1 (mp3 file - 30:03) - Introductions by Dr. Margaret Smith, M.D., KHPA Medicaid Medical Director; Presentation By Dr. Andy Allison, Ph.D., KHPA Executive Director
Morning Session - Part 2 (mp3 file - 37:31) - Presentation by Deborah Bachrach, J.D.
Morning Session - Part 3 (mp3 file - 1:06:02) - Forum discussion

Afternoon Session - Part 1 (mp3 file - 43:19) - Opening remarks by Dr. Andy Allison
Afternoon Session - Part 2 (mp3 file - 45:39) - Group discussion