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HealthQuest Premium Incentive Reduction FAQs

What is the last possible date I can earn credits for the 2018 HealthQuest incentive?

HQ credits for the premium incentive discount can be earned during the calendar year 2017 (January 1st – December 31st). If you have an appointment in late December of 2017, your HQ credits may not be processed by the beginning of January 1st, 2018 and would have to be retroactively credited back to you after the claim is processed.

Do my spouse and I need to earn 40 credits each, or a combination of 40 credits to meet the premium incentive reduction?

You and your covered spouse each need to have 40 credits in your separate accounts, 10 of which must come from each of you completing your REQUIRED Health Assessments. Additionally, Plan C members can also earn HRA/HSA dollars per activity (up to $500 per employee and $500 per spouse) to be deposited in 2017

Can I earn a partial premium reduction if I don’t earn all 40 credits?

No, an employee must earn all 40 credits in order to earn any premium reduction in 2018. For employee/spouse or employee/family coverage if only one member earns 40 credits there will be a $240 reduction and if both earn the 40 credits there will be a $480 reduction. However, Plan C members may earn HRA/HSA dollars (in their 2017 plan year) for partial credits, even if they didn’t earn the full 40 required for premium reduction.