HRA/HSA HealthQuest Contributions

HealthQuest Plan C, J, N, and Q HRA/HSA Contribution FAQs

Explanation of Plan C, J, N, and Q credits and dollars

Employee and their spouse can each receive up to $500 into your HRA/HSA account in 2018. 1 credit = $10 HRA/HSA dollars. The same activities that earn HSA/HRA dollars will also earn credits that will be used for premium reduction in 2019. Both the employee and spouse must earn 40 credits for the premium incentive reduction. To maximum out the HRA/HSA employer contribution both employee and spouse must earn 50 credits.

What is the deadline to earn HRA/HSA dollars in 2018?

The deadline is November 19th for Plan C, J, N, and Q members to earn HRA/HSA dollars. This means credits need to be posted in the HealthQuest website by November 19th to receive funds. Credits can be earned until December 31st for the premium incentive discount.

How often will HRA/HSA contributions occur during the 2018 year?

HRA/HSA contributions come 2-3 paychecks after activity completion. Once the activity is completed in HealthQuest, Cerner has to report that to the State Employee Health Plan (SEHP) for uploading. Due to the reporting to SEHP and Payroll Cutoff Deadlines there could be a delay in when the funds are deposited. HRA/HSA contributions will come on the next available pay cycle once it is reported to SEHP.

Where can I verify my HealthQuest HRA/HSA deposits?

To see your HealthQuest Employer Contributions you can either refer to your paystub or your Optum Bank Account. On the paystub, it is listed with the employer paid benefits and lumped together with the quarterly contributions. Know that the quarterly contributions come on the first paycheck in January, April, July, and October. Any amount above those contributions are HealthQuest funds. You can also login to your Optum Bank account at: and  review your employer contributions here.