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This section contains pages from the KHPA website before the transition with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, on July 1, 2011. These documents are archived for historical purposes. If you require assistance locating a document dated before July 1, 2011, please email

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2008 Legislative Session at a Glance

KHPA Program Improvement Initiative

The Kansas Health Policy Authority maintains an ongoing process of reviewing elements of its programs and operations to identify opportunities for improvement, efficiencies and savings. The Program Improvements Initiative began in 2008 with reviews of 14 major pieces of the Kansas Medicaid program. Those reviews led to the publication of the first Medicaid Transformation report in January 2009. That process is now being expanded to cover all programs and operations within KHPA, including the State Employee Health Benefits Program and KHPA internal operations. The overall purpose of the process is to produce and publish regular program reviews to monitor, assess, diagnose and address policy issues in each major program area within the agency. The presentation of these reviews is designed to serve as the basis for KHPA budget and policy initiatives on an ongoing basis.

Archive Information

The Foundation for KHPA Health Policy Recommendations, 2008

Executive Summary: KHPA Health Policy Recommendations - Updated 01-10-08

Final Report: Health Policy Recommendations of 2007 presented to the Governor and Legislature on November 1, 2007 - Updated 01-30-08

SPECIAL REPORT: Insurance Modeling Details - Report to the KHPA Board: Kansas - Roadmap to Health Insurance Reform Options (Funding provided by the United Methodist Health Ministry, the Sunflower Foundation, the REACH Foundation, and the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City.)

Letters of Support for Health Reform: View the stakeholders across Kansas who support the KHPA health reform recommendations

Open Letter to Kansas Health Consumers: A personal message from Executive Director Dr. Marcia J. Nielsen and KHPA Board President Connie Hubbell regarding the need for legislative action

More Information on KHPA Health Reform Recommendations, 2008

Health Policy: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Public Input: We Heard You

KHPA 's final health policy recommendations were developed using comments, suggestions, and personal stories from Kansans about the health system in Kansas. For more information about the four advisory councils, click here.