Influenza Surveillance

***Important changes to 2020-2021 Influenza Surveillance during the COVID-19 pandemic***

For County-Level Influenza vs. COVID-19 trends, and overall trends in respiratory illness + fever, Please see the COVID-19 Data Dashboard. Data is updated weekly. Due to the level of public health resources being directed to the current pandemic, this dashboard will take the place of formal Influenza Reports this season.

With the beginning of Influenza season, it was decided that the previous graph displaying total ED visits for fever and respiratory symptoms would not be of immediate use for determining county level COVID-19 vs. Influenza activity due to similarities in presentation. Because influenza is not always screened for in the ED, we would typically look for all cases of respiratory and fever symptoms without an identified cause. However, heightened screening this season will be in place for providers to differentiate between Influenza and COVID-19. Thus, the rapid ED data presented will represent weekly Coronavirus and Influenza illness trends where an actual diagnosis is given or suspected based on exposure. Crossover is still possible. Please see the CDC webpage for official statewide influenza activity levels incorporating additional data sources. Mortality data will continue to be updated below.

Syndromic Surveillance:
Currently, 116 of 138 Kansas emergency departments share data. This is about 96% of all ED patient visits a year. More than 90% of reported ED visits are processed within 24-48hr of the visit itself, and data is subject to change. Syndromic Data does not include Direct Admits or Transfers. County-level trends are based on location of residence, regardless of the county where the patient was seen. Trends are shown as a percentage of total visits.

Pneumonia & Influenza Mortality

Percent of Deaths Associated with Pneumonia and Influenza by Surveillance Period, Kansas, October 2018 - Present

Percent of Deaths Associated with  Pneumonia and Influenza by Surveillance Period


Kansas Resident Pneumonia & Influenza Related Deaths by Selected Entire Flu Seasons
by Causal Relationship, Current Season is only Season to Date
Time Period based on Date of Death

2019-20 Season 2020-21 Season 2021-22 Season
N Percent N Percent N Percent
Influenza - Contributing Cause of Death Only 23 1.5 2 0.1 0 0
Influenza - Direct Cause of Death 118 7.6 4 0.1 0 0
Pneumonia - Direct Cause of Death 378 24.5 312 10.3 5 3.6
Pneumonia - Contributing Cause of Death Only 1025 66.4 2719 89.5 135 96.4
Total 1544 100.0 3037 100.0 140 100.0

Source: Kansas Department of Health and Environment - Division of Health
Bureau of Epidemiology and Public Health Informatics
Prepared September 20, 2021
Note: Influenza reporting seasons run from September 1 through May 31 of following year
Influenza and Pneumonia frequently occur together during a flu season resulting in reporting of both on death certificates.


Past Influenza Surveillance Reports

National Influenza Surveillance

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