Family Advisory Council (FAC)



Mission: The FAC aims to achieve satisfaction of special health care services for families of infants, children and youth with special health care needs by advising and promoting opportunities for individuals with health care needs/disabilities to exercise self-determination.

Council Updates

Want to be a member of the FAC? We are currently looking for families to join the FAC, we have open spots for all areas of the state! If you want to help assure the family voice is always involved in state policy decision making for the five Special Health Services (SHS) programs, this is the place for you! Submit the application TODAY! See links to the left for more information on each of the SHS programs.

The FAC launched Supporting You in October of 2018. Sign up at to become a Support Peer or learn more! Supporting You is a peer to peer support network for individuals who want to connect with others that understand what they are going through. Contact Heather Smith for more information.

Seitz Family 2018

Family Advisory Council Meeting

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"Being part of the FAC has helped me as a family leader by knowing I am not the only one fighting this daily battle of getting what my child needs to lead a normal and productive life... Having our FAC has given me the courage and determination to help others fulfill their dreams for their children."
- Deanna