Environmental Service Guide

Above Ground Storage Tanks: 785-296-1713
Information about above ground tanks.

Acid Rain: 785-296-8548
Emissions from local facilities may contribute to acid rain problems elsewhere.

Agricultural Wastes: 785-296-0077
Livestock waste and permitting information.

Air Emissions Inventory: 785-296-1582
Answers to questions and assistance in determining emissions.

Air Permits: 785-296-6427
Permitting for air emissions including smaller facilities, construction and operating permits.

Air Pollution Complaints: 785-296-1556
Call with possible air quality problems.

Air Program: 785-296-6024
Bureau staff provides information on the following:

Anhydrous Ammonia: 785-296-4835
The Ks. Dept. of Agriculture will answer questions about this commonly used product.

Asbestos: 785-296-1549
Only certified contractors may remove asbestos. List of certified contractors available.

Asbestos Disposal: 785-296-1549
Information on proper disposal of asbestos.

Bureau of Env. Field Services: 785-296-5565
BEFS includes information about water quality, water quality monitoring, pollution prevention and public advocate. Kansas Environmental News, annual environmental conference.

Burn Permits: 785-296-0757
Information on what wastes may or may not be burned in Kansas. Contact the nearest District Office.

CFC: EPA 1-800-424-8802
Current information on refrigerants used in home or car.

Citizen Volunteer Monitoring: 785-296-4195
Information about how citizens can keep an eye on local water conditions.

Composting: 785-296-1121
Information on composting landfills and personal composting systems. Also consider calling local extension agents for information on composting.

Construction (less than 1 acre): 785-296-5573
Information about construction practices to protect water quality.

Contaminated Soil Disposal: 785-296-1120
Requirements and suggestions for proper disposal.

Drinking Water: 785-296-5514
Public drinking water supply information.

Drinking Water Treatment Rules: 785-296-5514
Answers to questions about public water supplies.

Dry Cleaners: 785-291-3252
Perchloroethylene Dry Cleaners must comply with Dry cleaners Environmental Response Act. Call for information about your responsibilities.

Env. Emergencies: 785-296-1679
Environmental Remediation responds to spills and other emergencies.

Env. Remediation: 785-296-1660
Environmental Remediation staff provides information and assist callers in dealing with spills and contaminated sites. Implements Dry Cleaner Environmental Response Act.

Fish Consumption Advisories: 785-296-5571
Current information on consumption of Kansas fish.

Fish Kills: 785-296-0019
Fish kill investigations are coordinated between KDHE and KS. Wildlife and Parks; or contact your nearest KDHE district office.

Food borne Illness: 785-296-5600
Report suspected outbreaks of food borne illness (food poisoning).

Food Manufacturing Plants: Kansas Department of Agriculture 785-296-3511
Requirements for manufacturing food products in Kansas.

Foreign Animal Disease (See Livestock Disposal)

Global Impacts (Ozone): 785-296-0910
Information about greenhouse gases, ozone depletion and related air pollution.

Grocery Stores: Kansas Department of Agriculture 785-296-3511
Requirements for grocery stores and other food-related businesses.

Groundwater Monitoring at Solid Waste Management Facilities: 785-296-6599
General information about monitoring requirements at solid waste management facilities.

Hazardous Materials: 785-296-1608
Information about hazardous materials and guideline publications.

Hazardous Waste: 785-296-1600
Information about industrial hazardous waste including small quantity generators, and Kansas generators.

Household Hazardous Waste: 785-296-1611
Batteries, paints, solvents and other home products are hazardous, call for information on proper disposal.

Incineration: 785-296-1691
Air emission permitting for incineration.

Incineration (Municipal Solid Waste): 785-296-1667
Permits, design and operating requirement assistance.

Laboratory Services: 785-296-1639
List of certified environmental laboratories is available.

Lagoons (Industrial): 785-296-6804
Information about lagoons for industries will be provided.

Lagoons (Livestock): 785-296-6432
Information for livestock producers regarding lagoons.

Lagoons (Municipal): 785-296-5527
Information for municipalities regarding lagoons.

Lakes: 785-296-5575
Information about lakes; wetlands; taste and odors in drinking water; monitoring; design; water quality modeling; and lake and watershed protection. See also Non-point source.

Lakes (Designated Uses): 785-296-6603
Information about assigned uses for Kansas lakes.

Landfill Disposal Bans: 785-296-1120; 785-296-1601
Information regarding items that may not be disposed of in Kansas landfills.

Lead and Copper: 785-296-5514
Lead and copper testing requirements for public water supplies.

Lead-based Paint Abatement:(866)-UNLEADEDKS
Information about lead removal.

Lead Emissions:785-296-6421
Answers to your questions about lead in the air.

Lead Paint Disposal: 785-296-1120; 785-296-1604
Proper disposal of lead-based paints.

Livestock Waste Management: 785-296-6432

Livestock Disposal: 785-296-1121
Information on the disposal of large numbers of livestock caused by disease or natural disasters.

Local Environmental Protection Plans: 785-296-1683
Information about local programs (LEPP).

Low Level Radioactive Waste: 785-296-1561
Information about radiation, also the contact for radiation and emergency preparedness.

L.U.S.T.: 785-296-1685
Leaking underground storage tanks, trust fund and other information is provided.

Major appliances
See landfill disposal bans and CFC.

Media Relations: 785-296-5795
News media contact for KDHE in the Communications Office.

Medical Waste Incinerator: 785-296-1667; 785-296-1691
Regulations, information for hospitals and other medical facilities regarding incineration. Contact both Bureau of Waste Management and the Bureau of Air for current information.

Medical Waste: 785-296-1667
Appropriate disposal and management methods.

Mined Land Reclamation: 620-231-8540
Office is located in Pittsburg, call for information about issues regarding reclamation.

Nitrates (Public Water Supply): 785-296-5514
Information and answers to questions about nitrates in public water supplies.

Non-point Source Pollution: 785-296-4195
Information for the general public, farmers and others interested in non-point source pollution issues.

Open Burning: 785-296-0757
Up-to-date information about burning including grasslands and other agricultural related burnings. Also contact local fire officials in your community.

Operator Training Water/Wastewater: 785-296-5511
Opportunities and locations for trainings to be offered.

Operator Training/Swine Certification: 785-296-6432
Opportunities and locations for trainings to be offered.

Paint Disposal and Recycling: 785-296-1600
How to properly handle leftover paints.

Permits - General Information: 785-296-0669
The Roadmap to Environmental Permits will get you started in your search for permitting information.

Pesticides: 785-296-2263
The Ks. Dept. of Agriculture provides information regarding pesticides in their plant health division.

Pollution Prevention: 785-296-1526
Assistance is available to individuals and businesses to reduce pollution. Annual fall conference is sponsored by this office.

Pretreatment: 785-296-5551
Wastewater pretreatment information.

Private Wastewater - Treatment Systems: 785-296-1683
Contact local health departments with specific questions; call KDHE with general inquiries.

Public Advocate: 800-357-6087
The PA provides referrals, answers to questions or concerns for environmental issues.

Public Water Supplies: 785-296-5514
General information about public water supplies.

Radioactive Waste: 785-296-1565
Information and answers to your questions about radioactive waste in Kansas.

Radiation Control: 785-296-1560
General information about radiation.

Radon: 800-693-5343
Information about radon, its health effects, and radon testing.

Recycling: 785-291-3746
Recycling makes a big difference in reducing solid waste. Call for information or with questions.

Regulations: 785-296-4564
Proposed regulations may be obtained through the Secretary of State's office or contact the air, water, waste or remediation programs directly.

Right-to-Know: 785-296-1689
Community Right-to-Know Program provides information about potential chemical hazards in communities.

Riparian Protection and Restoration: 785-296-0694
Practices for riparian areas and stream bank stabilization.

Sewage Pre-Treatment Plants: 785-296-5551
Information about pre-treatment and other related issues for industries.

Sewer Extensions: 785-296-5537
Extending a sewer? Call for information.

Sewer - Feed Yards: 785-296-5570
Feedlots and other animal related sewage systems.

Sewer - Industrial: 785-296-6804
Sewage treatment requirements for industries.

Sewer - Municipal: 785-296-5527
Sewage treatment requirements for cities.

Sewer - Restaurant: 785-296-5527
Call with questions about sewage treatment needs for restaurants.

Small Business Assistance: 800-357-6087
Public Advocate provides referrals, complaints and help for businesses with environmental issues. Kansas Environmental News.

Small Business Assistance: 800-578-8898
Free, confidential assistance to small businesses on environmental issues. www.sbeap.org


Small Quantity Generator: 785-296-1617
Hazardous waste information for those who produce less than 25 kg. per month hazardous waste.

Solid Waste: 785-296-1600
Landfills recycling, other programs related to solid waste/waste management issues.

Solid Waste Grants: 785-296-1540
Several grant programs related to planning, plan implementation, household hazardous waste and general waste management are available.

Special Waste Disposal: 785-296-1120
Authorization to dispose of special non-hazardous waste.

Spills: 785-296-1679
Emergencies handled immediately. Call for assistance or information.

Stack Tests: 785-296-1994
Information about stack testing.

Storage Tanks: 785-296-1678
Storage tank information and permit requirements.

Storage Wells: 785-296-5277
Underground salt cavern storage of hydrocarbons.

Up-to-date information on stormwater regulations and practices.

Please call these numbers for assistance:
Industrial Activities: 785-296-4347
Construction Activities: 785-296-5549
Municipalities (MS4): 785-296-5537

Streams: 785-296-4195
Information about streams, monitoring projects and suggestions for Kansas interested in water. See also nonpoint source.

Streams (Designated uses): 785-296-6603
Information about assigned stream uses in Kansas.

Superfund: 785-296-1675
Kansas superfund sites and related questions.

Surface Water Quality Standards: 785-296-5508
Call for a copy of this document.

Tire Disposal: 785-296-1121
Proper tire disposal, permitting requirements, and regulations.

Tire Grants: 785-296-1611
Funding support for waste tires, management and abatement.

Transfer Stations: 785-296-1667
Design and operational requirements.

Underground Injection Control: 785-296-1843
Recommendations and information.

UST: 785-296-1678
Underground storage tank issues and information.

VOC's: 785-296-6421
Volatile organic chemicals, air permitting issues.

Volunteer Monitoring: 785-296-4195
Programs for volunteers to monitor stream quality.

Waste Management Program: 785-296-1600
Bureau staff will answer questions about permits and provide information on:

  • Hazardous waste
  • Household hazardous waste
  • Landfills
  • Solid waste
  • Permits
  • Recycling
  • Waste oil
  • Waste minimization
  • Waste tires

Water Program: 785-296-5500
Bureau of Water staff provides information on the following:

Water Pollution: 785-296-5500
Pollution control information.

Watersheds: 785-296-4195
Watershed protection and management issues.

Water Watch Newsletter: 785-296-5573
Newsletter concerned with nonpoint source pollution control.

Water Wells: 785-296-3565
Information about construction, reconstruction, plugged or treated water wells.

Wellhead Protection: 785-296-5535
Protection of wells used for public water supply.

Wetlands: 785-672-5911
Public wetlands in the State of Kansas.

Wetlands: 785-539-3474
Information about wetlands in Kansas and nearby states.

Wetlands: 785-296-5573
Current information about Kansas' wetlands quality and protection.

Wetlands: 785-296-5573
Wetlands restoration and creation.

Yard Waste: 785-296-1121; 785-296-1667
Answers to questions about disposal of grass clippings and other yard waste. Also consider calling local extension agents.