Becoming an Early Detection Works


Join more than 300 providers across Kansas.

What is Early Detection Works?
Early Detection Works (EDW) is a program that pays for breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnostics for Kansas women of average risk. Effective February 1, 2020, the EDW program will enroll Kansas women who:
      * Are 21 to 64 years old for cervical cancer screenings
      * Are 40 to 64 years old for breast cancer screenings
doctor with nurses       * do not have health insurance
      * have this much family income or less before taxes

1 $2,658 $31,900
2 $3,592 $43,100
3 $4,525 $54,300
4 $5,458 $65,500
5 $6,392 $76,700

For households with more than 5 persons, add $11,200 for each additional person. Spring 2020; guidelines updated annualy

Younger than 21 for cervical or younger than 40 for breast health concerns. Call 1-877-277-1368 to ask about eligibility or find out what resources may be available.

How do I become an EDW Provider?
Each partnering health organization must:
          1) Complete a contract with Kansas Department of Health and Environment.
          2) Have a referral relationship with a network of Early Detection Works providers able to provide all of the breast and           cervical continuum needed to complete a diagnosis. This includes: breast and cervical primary care, colposcopy, radiology,           laboratory, biopsy, and anesthesia services.
          3) Participate in payment request training and be willing to submit all payment requests online.

How are payments processed?
EDW uses a cloud based data entry and payment request system to process payments. Typical processing time between submission of payment request and paper check or direct deposit averages forty-four (44) days. During peak times, processing may take up to eight weeks.

Other questions?
Call (785) 296-1207 and ask to speak with a nurse.