State Health Assessment and

Improvement Plan

Healthy Kansans asks: What Are the Top Health Issues in Our State?

Community Health Issues

With the recent release of Healthy People 2030, KDHE is preparing to engage Kansans in a new collaborative process to identify and address the current leading health challenges in our state. The resulting state health assessment (SHA) and state health improvement plan (SHIP) will be informed by the national Healthy People framework and will be known as Healthy Kansans 2030. Updates on the current process will be included below.

Healthy Kansans 2030

Healthy Kansans 2030

Healthy Kansas 2030 Vision
All people in Kansas reach their full health potential through sustainable, equitable and empowered communities

Healthy Kansas 2030 Values
We Value Sustained:
*Equity *Justice *Inclusion *Collaboration *Community Driven Solutions *Holistic Approaches to Health

Healthy Kansans 2014-2020

Helpful Links/Resources

State and local health assessments are compiled using both quantitative and qualitative data. KDHE collects and reports on a variety of health-related indicators. The following resources can be helpful to local health departments and hospitals who are engaged in community-level assessments and improvement planning.

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