Maternal and Infant/Perinatal Services

Through MCH grants, local agencies provide and/or facilitate access to comprehensive prenatal care and follow-up for the mother and infant for up to one year post delivery. Health, psychosocial, and nutrition assessments are provided through a collaborative effort between public and private providers. Clients have access to multi-lingual translator services and a culturally oriented, multi-disciplinary health professional team, including, at a minimum, a physician, registered nurse (to include clinicians, practitioners and/or nurse midwives), registered dietitian, and licensed social worker, on site and/or through referral to the appropriate professional(s) within the community or service area.

Interventions emphasize the reduction of risks (e.g. substance use/abuse; late or no prenatal care; environmental and psycho-social stressors; nutritional needs; and, abuse) associated with poor pregnancy outcomes (e.g. premature labor/delivery, low birth weight and infant death) and quality of life for the mother, infant and family. Services include, but are not limited to: outreach to identify high-risk pregnant women; pregnancy testing; and case management for enrolled clients. Follow-up for the mother and infant, based on identified risks, is available during the first year post-delivery.

Integration with other health and social services such as family planning, immunizations and child health assessments, supplemental food and nutrition programs (WIC and CSFP), genetic and substance abuse counseling, pediatric health services, Healthy Start Home Visitor and prenatal care, general health assessments, basic health education and parenting education is emphasized. Enhanced services are available through the Women's Health Care and Family Planning Program for pre-pregnancy counseling and annual health screenings.

For further information, contact: KDHE Children & Families Section (785) 296-1300
Kansas Department of Health and Environment