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What is "KEIMS"?

KEIMS is the new online data management system built to improve communication, enable sharing of site information, and increase the ease and accessibility of business conducted between various regulatory programs within KDHE and the regulated community. KEIMS can be accessed by both internal users (state employees) and external users (site owners, consultants, etc.) to create and manage applications, submissions, and even payments. This combining of multiple databases in the Division of Environment will create efficiencies to benefit both state employees, the regulated communities, and the public.

Who can be a KEIMS user?

Anyone who is regulated or involved with the KDHE regulatory oversight of environmental sites in Kansas. This includes, but is not limited to, permittees, property owners, consultants, contractors, operators, tank owners, businesses, facility operators, entities receiving grant funding, entities receiving technical assistance, etc.

What will be available in KEIMS?

After creating a KEIMS account, you will be able to submit, review, and revise a variety of documents including applications, registrations, permits, renewal forms, and reports pertaining to your site(s). You will also be able to make and track payments for fees and invoices.

How do I get to KEIMS?

Go to: https://keims.kdhe.ks.gov/

What KDHE programs are available in KEIMS? (Click to Expand)

Bureau of Air

All air quality permitting and compliance tasks are now completed using KEIMS. Paper forms are no longer available or accepted by the bureau. Payments due for permits, compliance fines, and annual emissions inventory fees can be paid online through KEIMS.

For more information on getting started, see the BOA KEIMS External User Manual

KEIMS-BOA Electronic Signature Agreement
One electronic signature agreement is required for each facility, organization, or association. This Signature Agreement is for authorization to electronically sign reports via the designated application for submittal to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) in electronic format.
KDHE Electronic Signature Agreement

Additional assistance is available by contacting Bureau of Air at (785) 296-6024, or for specific issues:
For User Account assistance contact Julie Halbert, Julie.Halbert@ks.gov
For Permitting assistance contact Christy Thurman, Christy.Thurman@ks.gov
For Compliance assistance contact Amy Seeds, Amy.Seeds@ks.gov

Bureau of Environmental Field Services - Livestock Waste

KEIMS is Coming Soon to the Bureau of Environmental Field Services

Bureau of Environmental Remediation

Numerous BER programs will be utilizing KEIMS. Please see the list below for an updated timeline on which programs are already using KEIMS, and when your program of interest may begin to use KEIMS. Payments due for submissions can be paid online through KEIMS.

For more information on getting started, see the BER KEIMS External User Manual

BER Programs in KEIMS
Certificate of Environmental Liability Release (CELR) Applications
Dry Cleaner Facility New Registration and Renewals

BER Programs Coming to KEIMS
Storage Tanks
Site Assessment, Orphan Sites, Superfund, Brownfields, and Dry Cleaner Programs
Voluntary Cleanup and Property Redevlopment Program (VCPRP), State Cooperative Program (SCP), Federal Facilities, Natural Resource Damages (NRD), Environmental Use Controls (EUC), and Risk Management Program (RMP)

KEIMS Exemptions
The Kansas Spills Response Program will continue to manage its data and information within the CSDS and WebEOC databases.
The Surface Mining Program located in Frontenac, Kansas will continue to manage its data and information within the U.S. Department of the Interior's (DOI) Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE) Abandoned Mine Land Inventory System (AMLIS) and GeoMine databases.

Additional assistance is available through BER by calling (785) 296-1660, emailing kdhe.berkeims@ks.gov,
or by visiting the BER KEIMS webpage.

Bureau of Waste Management

KEIMS is Coming Soon to the Bureau of Waste Management

Bureau of Water

KEIMS is Coming Soon to the Bureau of Water