Domestic EPA 503 Sewage Sludge

On July 1, 2012, KDHE returned the management of the 503 sludge program for mechanical wastewater treatment plants to EPA.  KDHE retains the 503 sludge management program for Kansas wastewater treatment lagoons.  Pursuant to the 503 sludge regulations, domestic wastewater treatment facilities still have to complete the testing and documentation of their 503 sludge activities, retain the records for five years and make them available for review by the regulatory agency.  Unless specifically requested by EPA or KDHE, facilities classified as minor mechanicals do not have to send the annual reports to either EPA or KDHE.

If you have any questions concerning the 503 domestic sludge program contact:

Donna Porter,
EPA Region 7, U.S.
11201 Renner Blvd.
Lenexa, KS 66219