WORKS! Conference on Recycling

Composting, and Household Hazardous Waste

WORKS! 2011 - Wichita

20 Years of Improvement - Bill Bider, Director, KDHE/Bureau of Waste Management
PickUp America - Walking for a Clean Future - David Rogner

Household Hazardous Waste

Chemical Segregation for HHW - Trent Thompson, Philip Environmental Services
Pesticide Laws in Kansas - Kent Spor, Kansas Department of Agriculture
New Hazardous Waste Regulations Affecting HHWs - Jim Rudeen, KDHE/Bureau of Waste Management

Energy from Waste

Powering Facility Neighbors with Landfill Gas - Swarupa Ganguli, Swarupa Ganguli, EPA LMOP
Biogas Production as a Renewal Energy Source and Organic Waste for a Renewable Energy Source- Mike Richtig/Kim Grieb, Cargill Meat Solutions
Biogas to Vehicle Fuel Project - Adam Larky, P.E., Cornerstone Environmental Group
Wood Waste to Energy - Lary Biles, Kansas State Forester
Environmental Sustainability - Allen Moore, Frito Lay
Columbia (MO) Sanitary Landfill Bioreactor & Related Projects - Cynthia Mitchell, City of Columbia MO, and Chris Snider, Burns & McDonnell
Energy from Waste - Sam Sunderraj, KDHE/Bureau of Waste Management
Anaerobic Digestion (AD) of: Grease Trap Waste (FOG), Animal Waste (Manure), POTW Waste Streams - Carl Burkhead, P.E., KDHE/Bureau of Waste Management
Economic Analsis of Farm Digesters - Crystal Powers and Rick Stowell, Ph.D., P.E., Univ. of Nebraska Extension
Marrying Anaerobic Digestion to a Composting Facility - Craig Coker, Coker Composting & Consulting
Composting Organics Locally to Save Energy and Cost for State and Nationwide Rollouts - Matt Hedrick, Quest Recycling Services
Food Waste Collection and Composting - John Hawk, McPherson Area Solid Waste Utility

Recycling/Waste Reduction

Activities to Reduce and Recover Food Waste - Kris Hicks, KDHE/Bureau of Waste Management
Getting SMART in Kansas - Saving Money and Reducing Trash - Jennifer Dawani, US EPA Region 7, and Julie Coon, Johnson County
Capturing the Treasures of Trash! - Renee Lippincott, Office of Rural Opportunity, Kansas Dept. of Commerce
The CRT Initiative - Kris Hicks, KDHE/Bureau of Waste Management
Bureau of Waste Management Policy 2011-P3 Related to Solid Waste Processing vs Recycling - Joe Cronin, KDHE/Bureau of Waste Management
K-State Sustainability - Ben Chamption, Kansas State University<
Sustainability Initiatives at The University of Kansas - Jeff Severin, KU Center for Sustainabiility
Special Venue Recycling - Cynthia Mitchell, City of Columbia MO

Closing General Session

Jackson County Green Energy Park - How We Made It Work - Timm Muth Jackson County NC<
Funding Options - Tom Finger, USDA Rural Development