WORKS! Conference on Recycling

Composting, and Household Hazardous Waste

WORKS! 2009 - Lindsborg

Market Development for Recyclables - Michael Alldritt/Roger Masenthin, Sunflower RC&D Area, Inc.
Waste Tire Derived Products Grants - Sandy Barnett, KDHE
State of Waste Management in Kansas - Bill Bider, KDHE
Economic Downturn Planning - Frank Choriego, Wichita State University, Small Business Development Center
Why Harvest Landfill Gas - Swarupa Ganguli, U.S. EPA
Foodwaste Trays Composting Program - Don Groff, City of Olathe Yard Waste Composting Facility
Landfill Gas Energy Projects in the United States - Lori Hamburg, SCS Engineers
Product Overview: Gasification - Ryan Heuer, ICM, Inc.
The Butler County Train Wreck - Linda Johnson/Dianne Rollins, Butler County Public Works
Recycling Steel in a Global Market - David Keeling, Steel Recycling Institute
Northwest Kansas Regional Recycling Organization Programs - Lynette Koon, NKRRO
Organics Diversion Management - Sarah Luna, Solarcone, Inc.
Landfill Methane Reuse & Offset Carbon Credit Project - Cynthia Mitchell, Midwest Assistance Program
Advantage Metals Recycling - John Rakos, Advantage Metals
Kansas Brownfields Program - Whitney Rawls, KDHE
Kansas Green School Program - Maureen Ruhlman, KDHE
Why Harvest Landfill Gas 2009 - Sam Sunderraj, KDHE
Bio-Gas Recovery Project - Mike Tabor, Seward County Landfill
Best Practices for "E-Waste" Recycling - Robert (Bob) Tonetti, UNICOR Federal Prison Industries
Solid Waste Management Plans - Jeff Walker, KDHE