Solid Waste Public Notices


As part of the approval process, applications for solid waste facilties must be put on public notice for a 30 day period. For each facility name listed, you may view a copy of the permit application as well as a copy of the public notice as it appears in the Kansas Register. The public notice period appears below the facility location.


Currently, there are no solid waste public notices

Proposed Coal Combustion Residuals Plan and Notice of Hearing

On April 17, 2015, EPA published regulations related to the "Disposal of Coal Combustion Residuals from Electric Utilities" (the CCR rule). KDHE has prepared a proposed solid waste management plan which demonstrates KDHE’s intent and approach to assess compliance with and enforce the CCR rule in Kansas. KDHE will conduct a public hearing on September 28, 2015, in Topeka, to consider the adoption of the proposed "State of Kansas Coal Combustion Residuals Part 256 Plan."