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What is Mow & Go?

Mow & Go is an outreach campaign encouraging the mulch-mowing of leaves. Leaves are a valuable resource that many property owners let go to waste every fall. Instead of taking advantage of the natural fertilizer that leaves create, homeowners, landscapers, and property managers often bag up the leaves and send them to the landfill where they take up valuable space and release harmful gas into the environment.

Why Mow & Go?

Mulch-mowing has many benefits for you, for your lawn and for the environment.

  • Saves money: Reduce the amount you spend on fertilizer by using what natures already provided you, leaves! Skip the cost of landscape bags altogether and ditch any additional cost of disposal that may occur.
  • Saves time and energy: Mulching leaves in places is easier and faster than bagging, raking or blowing them to the curb. Save yourself some time and continue with your regular mowing routine.
  • Mulch-mowing helps the environment: Transporting and disposing of leaves from your curb wastes energy and contributes to pollution. Once at the landfill leaves fail to break down and release methane a harmful greenhouse gas into the environment. Let your leaves feed your soil, while you kick back and relax, knowing you are helping the environment.

The Green Benefits of Mulching-In-Place:

  • Mulch-mowing keeps your property healthy: you'll have a greener lawn because as leaf mulch breaks down, it naturally fertilizes the soil.
  • You'll have a healthier lawn because leaf mulch improves soil structure and biology.
  • It also helps improve drainage and water retention.
  • "Free" mulch protects and enhances your landscape beds.
  • Grass-cycling provides similar benefits for lawn fertilization and soil health.
  • Critters like turtles, toads, and birds rely on leaf litter for food and shelter building materials.

How to use Mow & Go

A poster, video and fact sheet are available for use by local officials, community organizations or individuals who want to encourage Mow & Go in their communities.

View this video on how to mulch-mow your leaves!

Download this poster to hang in your workplace or community areas such as banks, libraries and post offices. Add your logo to the sign for a personalized touch. Click on the poster below.

Mow and Go logo

Click to download Mow & Go Poster (11" X 17")

Use this fact sheet to share the benefits of mulch-mowing! Fact Sheet

Visit the Keep It Clean Kansas Facebook page and share your Mow & Go tips and tricks with us or share our Mow & Go posts with your neighbors or community social pages. Mow and Go logo

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