Waste Reduction, Public Education, &


Rodney Ferguson, PSE - Unit Chief

Waste Reduction, Public Education, & Grants

BWM administers grant programs related to waste tire products, CRTs and green schools.

Waste Tire Grants

Through these grants, the KDHE intends to stimulate the production and sale of commercial products including playground cover made from recycled Kansas waste tires. These efforts benefit waste reduction by removing material from the waste stream to conserve landfill space and reduce the need for new solid waste facilities.

Local units of government and school districts are eligible to apply for funding which will provide up to 50% of the total cost to purchase and install eligible products made from waste tires.

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Call 785-296-1617 or 800-282-9790 for more information or e-mail Megan MacPherson |

Green School Grants School Year 2014-2015

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Call 785-291-3510 or 800-282-9790 for more information or e-mail Karen Lollman |

Household Hazardous Waste Grants

KDHE is now accepting household hazardous waste grant applications for state fiscal year 2015. Applications must be received by May 10, 2014 to be eligible.

Grant funding is available for the following activities:

  • Development and implementation of a new permanent HHW collection facility or program
  • Development or expansion of a regional or satellite HHW collection program
  • Enhancements of an existing HHW permanent facility, satellite, or regional program

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For more information, contact Jessica Willard at 785-296-1611 or email

Grant Applicant Forms & Guides |

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