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Our teaching module was designed to aid educators in the teaching of correct hand washing as a means of disease control 

The goals of this teaching module are:

  1. To increase knowledge of the necessity for and washing
  2. To increase hand washing in the participants
  3. To increase knowledge of proper handwashing

Designed for use with children of ages 3-10, the module includes a set of lessons. Each lesson is developed around one or more concepts relating to the importance of hand washing. Outcomes for each lesson are reinforced through scientifically-based teaching activities developed for both preschool and school age children. An evaluation tool is provided so that the effectiveness of this teaching module can be measured. By submitting your evaluation data to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, you will help measure the success of the statewide hand washing campaign. You may download a copy of the teaching module and activities by clicking on the icon above.

Learn the hand washing song, sung to the tune, "If You're Happy and You Know It."


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