Verification of No Marriage Letter

Many foreign countries require a document for proof of single status before a marriage in that country is allowed. If you currently reside or have recently resided in Kansas and need proof of single status for a foreign country, you need to make a request to this office for a marriage license search.

You may complete the same form used for a regular marriage license request. Click here to obtain the marriage license application form. It is important that you specify the number of years this search must cover. By state law, each five-year record search for a marriage license costs $15.00. Most foreign countries expect the search to cover from age eighteen to the present or if the individual was previously married and divorced, provide certified copies of the marriage(s) and divorce(s) and then have the search done for the year of the last divorce to the present.

Check with the proper authorities regarding what type of documentation will be required from you. Please be sure to clearly specify to this office that you need a verification of no marriage letter. Otherwise, you will receive a standard letter from this office stating no record was found. The verification of no marriage letter contains specific language needed for proof of single status.

After you receive the no marriage letter you will need to contact the Secretary of State's Office at (785) 296-4564 if an Apostille or Authentication is required.