Class V

Class V: What is a Class V well?

A Class V well is a system used to inject non-hazardous fluids underground. In most cases, fluids are injected either into or above an underground source of drinking water. This diverse group ranges from simple shallow wells to complex experimental injection technologies.

Most Class V wells are "low-tech" and depend on gravity to drain fluids directly below the land surface. Drywells, cesspools, and septic system leach fields are examples of simple Class V wells. Because their construction often provides little or no pretreatment and these fluids are injected directly into or above an underground source of drinking water, proper management is important.

More sophisticated Class V wells may rely on gravity or use pressure systems for fluid injection. Some sophisticated systems include advanced wastewater disposal systems used by industry, experimental wells used to test new or unproven technologies, and even systems used to inject and store water for later reuse.


Please note: Applications must be submitted to and approved by KDHE BOW prior to installation of injection wells, and prior to injections if no wells will be installed (i.e. direct push injection points) in order to allow adequate time to address any concerns. In addition, if a permit is required (vs. an authorization), there is a 30-day public notice and comment period prior to issuance of the Class V permit authorizing installation not including processing time. Please allow at least 30 days for review of authorization applications.


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