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Kansas Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)

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2018 Smoky Hill-Saline Basin TMDLs (DRAFT) and Public Hearing Information New Item
2018 Lower Arkansas Basin TMDLs (DRAFT) and Public Hearing Information New Item
TMDL/303(d) Interactive Map TMDL/303(d) Interactive Map |
Basics of TMDLs |
      The 303(d) Process |
      Completion of 1998 Court Decree |
      TMDL Vision Process |
      Establising Total Maximum Daily Loads |
      Public Participation Process regarding TMDLs |
Kansas TMDL Development Cycle |
303(d) Methodology and List of Impaired Waters |
Kansas TMDL Prioritization Framework |
Watershed Evaluations and Assessment Documents |

2018 Approved TMDLs
    •  Lower Arkansas River Basin

2017 Approved TMDLs
    •  Kansas-Lower Republican River Basin 2017

2016 Approved TMDLs
    •  Kansas-Lower Republican River Basin 2016

2015 Approved TMDLs
    •  Lower Arkansas Basin
    •  Neosho & Walnut River Basins2015

2014 Approved TMDLs
    • Neosho & Walnut River Basins

2013 Approved TMDLs
    • Marais des Cygnes & Missouri River Basins
    • Milford Lake
    • Hillsdale Lake & Pomona Lake
    • Lower Arkansas River Basin |

2012 Approved TMDLs |
2011 Approved TMDLs |
2010 Approved TMDLs |
2009 Approved TMDLs |
2008 Approved TMDLs |
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2006 Approved TMDLs