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Kansas Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)

Image Map of Basins Marais des Cygnes Missouri Cimarron Lower Arkansas Upper Arkansas Kansas-Lower Republican Walnut Verdigris Neosho Smoky Hill-Saline Solomon Upper Republican [Marais des Cygnes] [Missouri] [Cimarron] [Lower Arkansas] [Upper Arkansas] [Kansas-Lower Republican] [Walnut] [Verdigris] [Neosho] [Smoky Hill-Saline] [Solomon] [Upper Republican]

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Basics of TMDLs |
      Kansas TMDL Development Cycle |
      Completion of 1998 Court Decree Requirements |
      What is a Total Maximum Daily Load? |
      The 1998 Court Decree and Schedules of Developing TMDLs |
      TMDL Process |
      Data Analysis |
      Watershed Evaluations and Assessment Documents |

2014 Neosho and Walnut Basin TMDLs (DRAFT) and Public Hearing Information |
2013 Milford Lake TMDL and Public Hearing Information |
2013 Hillsdale Lake and Pomona Lake TMDLs (DRAFT) and Public Information |
2013 Lower Arkansas Basin TMDLs and Public Hearing Information |

2013 Approved Marais des Cygnes and Missouri Basin TMDLs |
2012 Approved TMDLs |
2011 Approved TMDLs |
2010 Approved TMDLs |
2009 Approved TMDLs |
2008 Approved TMDLs |
2007 Approved TMDLs |
2006 Approved TMDLs |
Public Participation |
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Kansas Surface Water Quality Standards

State Water Quality Standards |
Presentation for the Triennial Review Public Meetings |
News Release on Triennial Review Public Meetings |
Triennial Review White Papers |
Regulatory Impact Statement
Proposed Regulations and Standards
          KAR 28-16-28b through 28-16-28f and 28-16-58, Proposed Regulations |
          Regulatory Impact Statement KAR 28-16-b through 28-16-28f and 28-16-58 |
          Kansas Implementation Procedures, Surface Water Quality Standards |
          Kansas Surface Water Quality Standards Tables of Numeric Criteria |
          KAR 28-16-28g, Proposed Regulation |