Environmental Stewardship Awards

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) presents Environmental Stewardship Awards annually to those communities, businesses, and industries who have made a significant improvement in protecting our environment by preventing pollution or conserving natural resources. Environmental Stewardship encompasses many different activities that prevent or reduce the generation of pollutants or wastes at the source. Opportunities for preventing pollution occur in all sectors of economic life – industry, agriculture, energy, and/or the design and use of consumer products. This annual award program recognizes excellence in working towards a cleaner environment.

Any Kansas business, industry, community or community group, school, or organization is eligible to apply for Environmental Stewardship awards. The project must have been implemented at least six months prior to the application but no earlier than 2016. Recycling projects are not eligible. Prior award recipients must submit new projects. Eligible efforts are in addition to or exceed what is required by law; submitted projects should be voluntary efforts to minimize or prevent industrial and environmental concerns. Awards are presented at the Kansas Environmental Conference.

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