2016 Kansas Environmental Conference

The Kansas Environmental Conference was held at the Hutchison Atrium Hotel and Conference Center. The conference took place August 8 – 11. The conference covered topics including pollution prevention, the program and interns at Kansas State University, environmental compliance, and bureau director updates.

On August 8, the Bureau of Waste Management hosted Beginner and Advanced Hazardous Waste Generator Workshops, Bureau of Environmental Remediation hosted a workshop on Brownfields, and Bureau of Air, hosted the Clean Air Act Advisory Group meeting. Over 100 individuals attended the various workshops and meetings.

The conference commenced on August 10. John Mitchell, Director, KDHE Division of Environment, led the opening plenary with a Kansas environment update. EPA’s, Jeffery Robichaud, presented the drinking water program update. Bureau of Air, Water, and Environmental Remediation hosted informational meetings and Bureau Director updates.

The Pollution Prevention Awards Luncheon were also held August 10. Henke Manufacturing was presented with the Pollution Prevention with Distinction Award and The Coleman Company, Inc. was awarded with the Pollution Prevention award.

The closing session was presented by Gus Shaar, plant manager of Siemens Wind Turbine Assembly Facility in Hutchison, Kansas. He offered an overview of the Siemens Wind Power Nacelle Assembly and goals of the Siemens Facility.

2016 Kansas Environmental Conference Presentations