Wade's Aluminum Products, Inc., Site

Site Background

The Wade's Aluminum Products Site is an abandoned secondary aluminum smelter located north of Fort Scott, Bourbon County, Kansas. The facility operated from 1977 until 1984, processing aluminum dross and scrap.

The site was acquired by Bourbon County in 2006. The site is currently being addressed through an Environmental Remediation Agreement between KDHE and Bourbon County.

A series of environmental assessments have identified toxic levels of lead contamination in soil and waste. Interim cleanup efforts included the removal of characteristically hazardous waste from the site.

A 2013 Removal Action Design Plan determined the most cost-effective remedial solution will be to consolidate and cap the contaminated soil and non-hazardous waste on site, preventing humans and wildlife from coming into contact with the contaminated soil and waste and preventing the migration of hazardous materials off site.

Additional Information

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