Remedial Section

Randy Carlson, Section Chief
Phone: (785) 296-1660    Fax: (785) 559-4262 or (785) 559-4259

1000 SW Jackson, Suite 410
        Topeka, KS 66612-1367

The primary goals of the Remedial Section are to protect and preserve one of the most important natural resources of our state - our water supply, both groundwater and surface water, and to protect the human health and welfare of the citizens of Kansas, both current and future generations from environmental contamination.

Policy Update: Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) and Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) Characterization, Remediation, and Management
KDHE has updated its policy BER-041 - Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) and Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) Characterization, Remediation, and Management as of May 24, 2017. The updated policy provides additional clarification regarding its use and the associated analytical methods, without the overall framework established in the original policy.

Policy Update: Considerations for Groundwater Potability and Use Determinations
KDHE has updated its policy BER-RS-045 - Considerations for Groundwater Potability and Use Determinations as of April 11, 2016. The updated policy establishes KDHE's procedure for evaluating groundwater potability based on threshold criteria, data collected about the aquifer, and considerations for long-term aquifer management.

Policy Update: Site Closure in the State Cooperative Progam
KDHE has updated its policy BER-RS-024 - Site Closure in the State Cooperative Progam as of February 26, 2015. This policy replaces the previous one titled "Reclassification Plan." The updated policy establishes KDHE's procedure for determining if an Active site in the State Cooperative Program is eligible for site closure (Resolved), conditional closure (Resolved with Restrictions), or if further remedial actions are necessary.

Policy Update: Nitrate Presumptive Remedy
KDHE has updated its policy BER-RS-047 - Presumptive Remedy Policy: Investigation and Cleanup of Nitrogen at Agriculture-Related Sites in Kansas as of December 1, 2014. The updated policy provides comprehensive guidance for successfully managing and mitigating risks at sites that included the use, manufacture, transportation, and/or distribution of chemicals or other processes resulting in nitrogen contamination.

Schilling Air Force Base
The former Schilling Air Force Base is a FUDS located in southwest Salina, Kansas. The base was originally built as the Smoky Hill Army Airfield in 1942. The base was deactivated in the 1960's; it is now used for the Salina Regional Airport and industrial, aviation, military, and educational facilities. The Salina Airport Authority (SAA), Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) have conducted numerous environmental investigations and some limited remedial actions at the Schilling AFB Site since the mid-1990's.

Risk-based Standards for Kansas Manual Updated With New Tables
KDHE/BER has updated the Appendices of the 2010 RSK Manual. The complete manual may be downloaded at the above link. Any questions regarding these changes and their effects on the management of a contaminated site may be directed to the KDHE project manager.

Remedial Section Staff Directory






Randy Carlson

Section Chief


Rachel Pierson

Administrative Associate


Federal Facilities Unit

Jorge Jacobs, P. G.

Unit Chief


Mandi Chace

Environmental Specialist


Jacqueline Grunau

Geology Specialist


Kelly Peterson, P. G.

Professional Geologist


Margaret Townsend, P. G.

Professional Geologist


Long-Term Stewardship and Information Management Unit

Andrea Schiller, P. G.

Unit Chief


Glenna Drake

Environmental Specialist


Aspen Junge

Research Analyst


David Meyer

Environmental Specialist


Scott Nightingale

Environmental Use Control Coordinator


Stephanie Stites

Environmental Specialist


Site Remediation Unit

Daniel Newman

Environmental Specialist Supervisor


Holly Burke

Environmental Specialist


Mary Daily, P. G.

Professional Geologist


Pamela Green

Environmental Specialist


Alexandra Nicosia

Geology Specialist


Site Restoration Unit

Maura O'Halloran, P. G.

Unit Chief



John Cook, P. G.

Professional Geologist


Kenneth Diediker, P. G.

Environmental Specialist


Cathryn Mallonee

Environmental Specialist


Scott Williamson, P. G.

Environmental Specialist