Radiation Response Volunteer Corps

The Kansas Radiation Control Program is developing a registry for radiation professionals who would be willing to receive training and be included on a list of volunteers willing to perform population monitoring during incidents involving radiation. The registry is called the Radiation Response Volunteer Corps (RRVC). Volunteers would have the opportunity to receive training, participate in drills and serve as a resource in the event of a radiological incident. Click the link below for more information.

Standard Operating Guidelines (SOG)

Radiation Incident Community Reception Center (RICRC) |

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Volunteer Registry

To register as a radiation professional with the Kansas System for the Early Registration of Volunteers, K-SERV, visit   https://manager.everbridge.net/login

Presentations from the RRVC Training

To learn more about the Radiation Response Volunteer Corps (RRVC) development contact the RRVC team at rrvc@kdheks.gov or 785-296-1560.