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Public Health Informatics collects, maintains, and analyzes a wide spectrum of information and data in order to provide reliable statistics to program managers, policy makers, health departments, and the public. These data represent the basis for agency programs to improve birth outcomes, decrease infant mortality, identify mortality trends, decrease the spread of infectious diseases, and support community health assessment.

The Office of Vital Statistics records births, deaths, fetal deaths, marriages, and divorces occurring in the state. It makes certified copies of those records available to legally entitled individuals.

The Vital Statistics Data Analysis Section collects, analyzes, or reports on variety of health and vital statistics data for KDHE. These datasets include birth, death, marriage, marriage dissolution, abortion, stillbirth, Medicaid, hospital discharge, and syndromic surveillance. Among its publications are the Annual Summary of Vital Statistics, Selected Statistics on Infant Mortality and Stillbirth, Teen and Adolescent Pregnancy and Adequacy of Prenatal Care. The section publishes Kansas Health Statistics Reports, abortion reports, data briefs, and research summaries on vital and health statistics topics. The Vital Statistics Data Analysis section maintains the data query portal, Kansas Information for Communities.  It also provides statistics for the Kansas Health Matters website. Section staff also provide support and technical assistance to local health departments and hospitals needing assistance on data and statistics required for community health needs assessment.

Kansas Information for Communities (KIC) enables users to create their own statistics on birth, death, pregnancy, cancer, hospital discharge, and population.  These modules supports health assessment activities by allowing communities to focus in on areas of concern.  KIC FastStats offers tabular statistics that is not available in the query tool. KIC FastStats products include selected annual vital statistics tables, legislative profiles, statistics on health professionals, and preventable hospitalizations.  FastStats also connects to other health statistics resources.

Vital Statistics Data Analysis also prepares Health Statistics and Resources for Kansas a compilation of information on sources of statistics, many at a Kansas county level, and resources communities might use for community health assessment and community health improvement planning. The section’s goal is to provide actionable information for community health decision making.

The Infectious Disease Surveillance Section, administers the state reportable disease system and maintains a secure, web-based electronic disease surveillance system (EpiTrax). This system is utilized by all local health departments and KDHE. Case information is entered into EpiTrax and by both local health departments and KDHE. Epidemiology staff are able to access and manage the case records. The system includes an outbreak management module, which facilitates information-sharing between KDHE and local health departments working jointly on outbreak investigations. EpiTrax is also utilized for blood lead surveillance the STI / HIV and Tuberculosis Program for surveillance and case management. This system is used to transmit Kansas reportable disease data to CDC on a weekly basis. The Infectious Disease Surveillance Section also oversees the Electronic Case Reporting and Notifiable Conditions Registries.

The case information supports the Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Response section in conducting investigations and providing support to local health departments, physicians, veterinarians, and the general public.

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Elizabeth W. Saadi, Ph.D. Bureau Director and State Registrar 785-296-8627
Kay Haug Assistant State Registrar and Director, Office of Vital Statistics 785-296-1423
Diana Baldry Chief, Registration & Amendments 785-296-1426
Jason Mathewson Chief, Certification 785-296-1405
Shannon Sandall Director, Surveillance Systems 785-296-7127
Greg Crawford Director, Vital and Health Statistics Data Analysis 785-296-1531

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