Public Health Informatics

We prepare and publish statistics for public health programs, policy makers, health departments and the public. The statistics support efforts to:

  • Improve birth outcomes
  • Decrease infant mortality
  • Identify mortality trends
  • Decrease the spread of infectious diseases
  • Support community health assessment

KDHE is proud to announce we are publishing interactive data pages called "LiveStories" to showcase featured statistics. Learn more at our LiveStories page.
To learn more about Public Health Informatics see the About Us page.

Data we publish:

  • Birth
  • Death
  • Stillbirth
  • Abortion
  • Marriage
  • Divorce and annulment
  • Hospital discharge
  • Population

Select the area of interest below for available data. Data is formatted in variety of reports, tables, charts, and maps. For guidance in reading the data, please see the Annual Summary Technical Notes and Definitions or the Kansas Information for Communities Notes and Limitations pages.

Kansas Health Statistics Reports (Current Year Publications)

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Data for the above publications is normally from previous years' information. Prior publications are available via clicking here.

These tables and charts represent the "Annual Summary of Vital Statistics" for a given year.

Tables and Figures of Vital Events by Year and Subject



Kansas Vital Statistics at a Glance

2016Statistics at a Glance





Kansas Health Statistics Report

2016Kansas Health Statistics Report





Vital Events

2016Vital Events











Live Births and Fertility

2016Live Births and Fertility





Fetal, Infant and Maternal Mortality

2016Fetal and Infant Mortality





General Mortality

2016General Mortality





Marriages and Marriage Dissolutions

2016Marriages and Marriage Dissolutions











Hospital Discharges – Diagnosis and Procedure

2016Hospital Discharges – Diagnosis and Procedure





Annual Summary Full Report

2016Annual Summary Full Report





Selected Annual Summary Spreadsheets

2016Selected Annual Summary Spreadsheets





References and Resources

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For previous summary reports and spreadsheets of selected county level information, select the appropriate link of the calendar year of interest below.


Annual Summary Full Report

Selected Annual Summary Spreadsheets

Selected Annual Tables of Vital Statistics


2015 Annual Summary |

2015 Annual Summary Excel |



2014 Annual Summary |

2014 Annual Summary Excel |



2013 Annual Summary |

2013 Annual Summary Excel |



2012 Annual Summary |

2012 Annual Summary Excel |



2011 Annual Summary |

2011 Annual Summary Excel |



2010 Annual Summary |

2010 Annual Summary Excel |


More reports and summaries are available at the Reports and Analytical Summaries from Previous Years, page. If desired information is not available, please contact