Rural Health Day

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On November 15, Kansas will join other states in celebrating the National Rural Health Day. This is an opportunity to celebrate the Power of Rural by honoring the community-minded, can-do spirit that prevails in rural America.

Join Us in the Celebration!

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House Graphic Click to Open Five Ways to CELEBRATE With Your School PostcardFive Ways to CELEBRATE With Your School

check mark image  Plan a field trip to a local hospital or rural health provider

check mark image  Invite rural health providers to speak in the classroom

check mark image  Have rural-themed poster essay contests

check mark image  Host a National Rural Health Day “Fun Day” to promote health and wellness

check mark image  Host “Health Careers Day”

Heart Graphic Click to Open CELEBRATE With Your Rural Health Provider!  CELEBRATE With Your Rural Health Provider!

check mark image  Plan/host a community health fair

check mark image  Host community tour/open house of your hospital or clinic

check mark image  Share your story – speak at a local school or community event

check mark image  Display National Rural Health Day banners/posters

check mark image  Have a “staff appreciation” luncheon

check mark image  Post your Rural Story on the National Rural Health Day website


Rural Health News and Information

+/-  Rural communities are wonderful places to live and work:
  • They possess a strong sense of community where everyone has a voice – people know each other, listen to/respect each other and work together for the greater good.
  • They are fueled by the creative energy of community leaders – ordinary people willing to step forward, share and implement a vision, and drive change that benefits the entire community.
  • They are wonderful places to start a small business and test your “entrepreneurial spirit.”
  • They provide America with a wealth of worthwhile products and services (farm commodities, clean energy, tourism & recreation).
  • They can offer an outstanding quality of life.
+/-  Amazing things are happening in Rural America:
  • Rural America has a rich history of ingenuity that has helped the United States become one of the world’s leading economies.
  • Rural doesn’t necessarily mean “remote” – diverse economic, cultural and recreational opportunities abound in rural America.
  • Rural also isn’t just “farming” – agriculture is an important component of the economy, but so are small businesses and larger industries.
  • Rural areas in each part of the country are unique. Rural New York is not the same as rural Arizona or rural West Virginia, but the same can be said about urban parts of the country – southern California is not the same as southern Florida or southern Massachusetts.
+/-  Being a rural healthcare provider offers tremendous opportunities:
  • Health care, like so many other things in rural America, focuses on relationships – healthcare providers get to know the people they care for and have the opportunity to practice more comprehensive, patient-centered medicine.
  • Rural hospitals and healthcare systems are sources of innovation and resourcefulness that reach beyond geographical boundaries to deliver quality care. They are also typically the economic foundation of their communities.
  • Rural health clinics give healthcare providers the opportunity to offer rural residents quality primary care.
  • Ambulatory and emergency medical services are especially critical in rural America, where 20 percent of the nation’s population lives but nearly 60 percent of all trauma deaths occur.
  • There is also a critical need for healthcare providers in rural communities, where nearly 20 percent of America’s population lives but only 9 percent of all physicians and 12 percent of all pharmacists currently practice. Rural areas average about 30 dentists per 100,000 residents – approximately half the average of urban areas.
+/-  Health care in rural America is unique:
  • Rural health care is constantly evolving; it continues to tackle accessibility and health workforce issues while meeting the unique needs of aging and un-/underinsured citizens.
  • Addressing the shortage of healthcare providers is one of the greatest health issues – and one of the greatest economic issues – facing Rural America today.
  • Designing programs and building support systems that develop and nurture creative, committed community leaders is essential for improving the overall health and well-being of rural communities and their residents.
  • Healthcare needs can’t be addressed through a “one size fits all” approach – because each community is different, programs and policies must be flexible enough to enable rural communities to identify and address the unique needs of their residents.
  • Disproportionate funding levels and declining reimbursement rates must be corrected so that rural hospitals, rural health clinics and other providers can care for their residents as effectively as possible.

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