Kansas Office of Rural Health

The goal of State Office of Rural Health is to help rural communities in supporting sustainable health care delivery systems and ensuring access to services in rural Kansas.
The Office serves Kansas rural communities by:

– Collecting and disseminating health-related information to rural providers and communities.
– Linking rural communities to federal, state, and non-governmental programs that support rural health.
– Supporting rural health policy development through collaboration.
– Building strong local, state, and federal partnerships to serve rural Kansas.

Kansas Rural Health System at a Glance

Kansas is a profoundly rural state, with one-third of the population living in two-thirds of its land mass.

  • 400 miles across, Kansas population density of 34.5 persons per square mile
  • 89 of the Kansas’ 105 counties are considered rural with less than 40 persons per square mile
  • One-third of the 105 counties represent an enduring frontier with less than 6 persons per square mile, mostly concentrated in the western part of the state.

    Map of Kansas Counties by Population Density Peer Group

Rural Kansas is home to 83 Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs), and more than 170 rural health clinics. CAHs comprise two-thirds of the state’s community hospitals. Of Kansas’ 105 counties, 65 counties are served solely by a CAH or multiple CAH(s) in the county.

Rural Health Contact Information
Sara Roberts (785) 291-3796
Ashley Muninger (785) 291-3819
Gilbert Tabares (785) 296-3380