Public Health Resources


  • American Public Health Association (APHA
    The American Public Health Association is the oldest and most diverse organization of public health professionals in the world (since 1872.)
  • Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
    ASTHO is the national nonprofit organization representing the public health agencies of the United States, the U.S. Territories, and the District of Columbia, as well as the 120,000 public health professionals these agencies employ.
  • Council on Linkages between Academia and Public Health Practice 

    The Council on Linkages between Academia and Public Health Practice (Council on Linkages) is a coalition of representatives from 19 national organizations.
  • Kansas Association of Local Health Departments (KALHD
    KALHD is dedicated to strengthening local health departments for the purpose of improving and protecting the health of all Kansans
  • Kansas Environmental Health Association (KEHA
    KEHA is an affiliate of the National Environmental Health Association and the International Association of Food Protection.

  • Kansas Health Foundation
    The Kansas Health Foundation is a private philanthropy dedicated to improving the health of all Kansans.

  • Kansas Health Institute (KHI
    The Kansas Health Institute was established in 1995 by the Kansas Health Foundation to be an information resource for state policymakers. 
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  • Kansas Public Health Association (KPHA
    The Kansas Public Health Association (KPHA) is the professional association for Kansas’s public health practitioners, professionals, and advocates.
  • Public Health Foundation (PHF
    The Public Health foundation (PHF) is dedicated to achieving healthy communities of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) is the national through research, training, and technical assistance.
  • National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO)
    The National Association organization representing local health departments.
  • National Association of Local Boards of Health (NALBOH)
    NALBOH is dedicated to preparing and strengthening boards of health.
  • National Network of Public Health Institutes NNPHI
    Support national public health system initiatives and strengthen PHIs to promote multi-sector activities resulting in measurable improvements of public health structures, systems, and outcomes.

  • Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB)
    PHAB is the accrediting body for national public health accreditation.
  •  Public Health Partners
    Public Health Partners is a collaboration of U.S. government agencies, public health organization and health sciences libraries.
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  • Workforce Development: Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce |
    Workforce development activities and resources for the public health workforce.