Community-Based Primary Care

Clinic Program

Program Purpose

The Community-based Primary Care Clinic (CBPCC) program assists clinics in improving access to quality health care with an emphasis on community-based services and reducing health disparities for underserved populations. Grant funds are intended to make primary medical and dental care, prescription drugs, and preventive health care services accessible and affordable to underserved Kansas residents, including uninsured individuals and those enrolled in public insurance programs that are operated by the State of Kansas and/or federal government with eligibility based on income (KanCare).

Eligible Applicants

Clinics receiving state CBPCC funding serve as safety net clinics in their communities. Clinics must provide services in their service area regardless of ability to pay, including a discounted fee schedule with reasonable charges for individuals below 200 percent of the federal poverty level. Applicants are required to provide support that meets the match requirement of one dollar for each one dollar of state funding awarded through this program.

Program Resources/Documents

SFY2016 CBPCC Program Application Guidance
| SFY2017 CBPCC Program Application Guidance
| CBPCC SFY2017 Application Webinar Recording
| CBPCC Grantee Map

Reporting Requirements

Quarterly Affidavit Report


1st Quarter Affidavit (July 1 to Sept 30)

October 15

2nd Quarter Affidavit (Oct 1 to Dec 31)

January 15

3rd Quarter Affidavit (Jan 1 to March 31)

April 15

4th Quarter Affidavit (April 1 to June 30)

July 15

Quarterly Affidavit Report

Submit Quarterly Affidavit Reports to Kevin Shaughnessy at

Contact Information

Ashley Muninger
Office of Primary Care and Rural Health
1000 SW Jackson, Suite 340
Topeka, KS  66612-1365