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The mission of the Kansas Primary Care Office is to assure that all Kansans have adequate access to quality primary health care services. Primary health care includes medical, dental, mental health, and other services. Primary care should provide an individual with a broad spectrum of care, both preventive and curative, over a period of time and coordinate all of the health care an individual receives. The Primary Care Office (PCO) works to ensure that all Kansans have access to appropriate and available primary care services through examining the larger health care delivery system and through collaboration with public and private partnerships.

The Primary Care Office is staffed by:

  • Sara Roberts, Acting Primary Care Office Director, telephone (785) 291-3796, email
  • Ellan Spivey, Primary Care Workforce Coordinator, telephone (785) 296-3135, email

To contact the Primary Care Office email with any questions and someone will respond to your request.

State Primary Care Offices are funded in part by the Department of Health and Human Services. These offices are located in state departments of health to represent the needs of the underserved populations and the health professionals who serve them. Click here to see a list of Federal Cooperative Agreement expectations for state Primary Care Offices please.

If you are:

  • An individual interested in a career in primary care
  • A current primary care health professional
  • An individual in need of health care services
  • A local community or primary care clinic
  • A State agency, researcher, or in need of information or data related to primary care workforce and access issues

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